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Review the details, then choose your project at the bottom of the page.

Services I Offer

File Managment

I will provide a Dropbox folder for each project where I can share files with the directors.

I will also deliver files this way as well.

Collaborative Production

As the project progresses we will communicate to make sure you are happy with the final result.

Up to 3 revision sessions are included.

Project Management

I will guide you through the entire process. I have concise, easy to follow instructions that I will provide as pdf files for each participant.

Auto-Tune (Optional)

One difficulty with this process is maintaining solid intonation between all the participants. The process of autotuning each track can remedy this.

You may instantly think of T-Pain or Cher when you think of autotune, but those are extreme cases. Used sparingly the process can be completely transparent, and by using a light touch you can bring everyone closer but still leave some room for that human element.

You can decide how much or how little we can incorporate this option.

Multiple File Formats

Your audio will be delivered as:

  • High Res: 24bit, 44.1k .WAV

  • CD Quality: 16bit, 44.1k .WAV

  • mp3: 320kbps

Your video will be delivered as:

  • H264 encoded Quicktime

  • mp4

VR materials will be delivered as:

  • VR encoded video files

  • High Res audio stems in the event you would like to convert the project into future immersive audio formats.

Materials to make it easy.

Click the links below for documentation.



Send an email to discuss your project. Inquire about bulk pricing for multiple projects.

Audio Only

Your files will be mixed and mastered to a stereo audio file. Bulk pricing can be arranged for multiple songs.

Music Video

We can create a video combining the stereo audio master with client-supplied visual content for upload to YouTube.

VR Video

We can create a video combining a 360 audio master with client-supplied visual content for upload to YouTube.

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