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Performance for a new era

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What is an "Online Ensemble"?

The pandemic of 2020 quickly and dramatically changed the way we all interact, but despite our current restrictions technology gives us a way we can still create music together!

The idea comes from Eric Whitacre's "Virtual Choir" project, but can be implemented and scaled for any type of ensemble. To create an Online Ensemble we start by creating a guide track - often a video of a conductor conducting the piece along with a basic recording of the piece. (It could even be as simple as a piano playing chords to a metronome.) Each performer can then record their specific part while following this guide track. Finally, all of those recordings are combined in the studio to make the final product.

My Mission

Hello, my name is Eric Van Wagner. 


I started as an audio engineer in the late '90s providing recordings and live sound services to my peers while getting my Bachelors's degree in Music Education. By the time I graduated my passion for both audio and education had become equal, and I realized that schools, churches and community groups were often underserved when it came to quality audio. On January 1st, 2000 I started working as an audio engineer serving those groups.

Since then I have contributed to building audio programs and teaching at two colleges, presented at numerous high schools, and provided training and technical support for churches, schools, and other businesses. I have also recorded over 1500 concerts, auditions, and projects for these communities not only in Ohio but through other states in the midwest as well.

Currently, I am the Lead Audio Instructor at Groove U, and I still work in the industry. I have an instructional website in the works and I am also working on a textbook about the history of recording, which has taken me all over the world - including the legendary studios at Abbey Road in London!

Thank you for considering my services for your needs. As the face of education and performance changes, I strive to provide services that can help you teach your students and reach your audience. I look forward to serving you!

Large Ensembles

One of the best parts of being in a large group is the camaraderie.You can still give your group a collaborative experience from their own homes.

Small Ensembles

Working with a smaller group gives you the flexibility to experiment with a variety of options.

Custom Projects

Do you envision something that's not listed here? Let me know what you are thinking! 

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