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What do I submit and where?

  • VIDEO: Your videos should be uploaded to the Dropbox folder. Click here for the link.

  • AUDIO: If you recorded into a SoundTrap project, you don't have to do anything else! If you recorded in some other way, you can use the same link you used for the video. I can tell audio files from video files, even if they are named the same.

What settings am I looking for when recording?

  • If you don't get any specifics, just choose highest quality. (Please choose HIGH under "Sound Quality" in the Soundtrap Settings menu.)

  • If you have the option for your audio, choose 24bit, and 48k for your sample rate. If you have a format choice, chose .WAV

  • If you have the option for your video, choose 1080p (NOT 1080i). If you have a format choice, chose .MOV (Quicktime)

Why do I need to record audio separate from video?

   While smartphones are able to record high quality audio, they tend to be lacking in the audio department. They add processing that benefits the typical user, but will compromise musical performances. Recording audio separately goes a long way to improving the final product.

Do I have to start recording the audio and video at exactly the same time?

   No. Feel free to start the audio and video recordings separately.

I play French Horn. Where do I put the mic?

   Your audience hears you from the front, so place the microphone in front of you. Mic'ing the rear of the horn gives an unnatural sound.


Thanks for submitting!

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